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MasterThemes has extensive experience with user-interface design of Web and client-server applications. Since 2007, our talented team of creative professionals has been providing a high quality user-interface design to all Web development projects delivered with a SharePoint platform.

Our approach to a standards-based Web design combines years of visual design, communication and technical experience to deliver designs that meet the business and marketing objectives of our clients. Through disciplined site organization, efficient navigation schemes, and intuitive interface design, MasterThemes consistently delivers high quality Web design solutions.

About MasterThemes

Our Expertise

Our expertise is in providing high quality branding solutions for all SharePoint On-Premises and Online versions. Our uniqueness is a mixture of creativity, technical skills, and well-defined processes that deliver truly extraordinary digital experiences.


  • Complex SharePoint Branding

  • SharePoint Design Package Solutions

  • Master Pages, Layouts & Web Parts

  • Detailed Content Customizations & Adjustments

  • Theme Tuning

Ensuring Client Satisfaction

MasterThemes follows a Web design process that ensures our clients receive professional, quality service during all phases of development.

Phase 1 – Discovery

We start by getting to know your company, business, and goals for your site. We’ll work closely with you to define your objectives, discuss your budget, identify your target audience and examine your existing branding. During the discovery phase we’ll ask questions to determine the purpose of your site, the image you wish to convey and the message you aim to deliver. We’ll ask about the websites you like – and don’t like. We may ask you to provide samples of existing marketing collateral, artwork and other brand information. If no brand identify exists, we can help you with that too.

Phase 2 – Concept Design

Based on what we learn from the discovery phase, we will create various design samples for your review. We will then publish these as JPEG files to a secured location off of the MasterThemes.net website, or present them to you. These samples will define the common elements to be carried out throughout the website, including standard colors, a standard page layout, standard header and footer styles, and a standard navigation scheme. We will then document requested changes or questions, and modify a final design concept to your requirements.

Phase 3 – Site Development

MasterThemes will create a fully-functioning prototype website from the final approved design. The site will be fully navigable and include all sections, pages, and graphics, as well as client-provided content. The site will be available for review and approval at a secured location off of the MasterThemes.net website. At this time, MasterThemes will implement minor modifications requested by the client.

Phase 4 – Site Deployment

Upon final approval of the prototype website, we will publish the completed website to a pre-determined Web hosting service provider. We can recommend several low-cost Web hosting companies. For knowledge transfer, a MasterThemes Web Developer will work with you to explain and demonstrate how to use Adobe Dreamweaver or Microsoft SharePoint Designer to maintain and modify the site.

Trusted By These Companies

We have the privilege of working with, or selling our SharePoint Design Solutions to some of the most well known companies in the world.

Pfizer - MasterThemes ClientCoca-Cola - MasterThemes ClientNASA - MasterThemes ClientAmtrak OIG - MasterThemes ClientBank of Nova Scotia - MasterThemes ClientHealthcare Australia - MasterThemes Client