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Theme Packages for SharePoint 2013

Need to Redesign Your SharePoint?

If you wish to redesign, customize, or improve the visual appearance of your SharePoint sites to reflect your corporate identity or for any other reason, please complete and submit this form to us.

We will contact you shortly to provide you with a free estimate of the SharePoint redesign project that interests you. We can brand your SharePoint sites quickly and cost-efficiently.

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Our Expertise

Our expertise is in providing high quality branding solutions for all SharePoint On-Premises and Online versions. Our uniqueness is a mixture of creativity, technical skills, and well-defined processes that deliver truly extraordinary digital experiences.


Our Specialties

  • Complex SharePoint Branding
  • SharePoint Design Package Solutions
  • Master Pages, Layouts & Web Parts
  • Detailed Content Customizations & Adjustments
  • Theme Tuning

Trusted By These Companies

We have the privilege of working with, or selling our SharePoint Design Solutions to some of the most well known companies in the world.

Pfizer - MasterThemes ClientCoca-Cola - MasterThemes ClientNASA - MasterThemes ClientAmtrak OIG - MasterThemes ClientBank of Nova Scotia - MasterThemes ClientHealthcare Australia - MasterThemes Client